Cha Cha (U.S.)

American Social Cha Cha is a fast fun Latin dance. It’s good exercise and you will enjoy listening and dancing to the Cha Cha beat!

Freestyle Demonstration of Bronze I – III figures in Social Cha Cha

Newcomer Cha Cha, Lesson 1, Basic (Very Slow Teaching)

The Cha Cha Basic is Danced in a Zig Zag or Z Shape. Alternating between Triple Steps to the Side and Rock Steps.
In the American Cha Cha dance the Left Foot Rocks Forward and the Right Foot Rocks Back, this is true for Both Partners. The Couple will rock the same direction in the room, in Swing the couples separate slightly on the Rock step, Opposing each other.

Modern day Latin Cha Cha starts with a side step on Beat 1 Followed by a rock on 2,3. Counting 1 (2 3) 4 And
1950’s style Cha Cha as well as Line Dance and Club style Country Western Cha Cha, starts Beat 1 with the Rock. Counting (1 2), (3 and 4)

Newcomer Cha Cha, Lesson 2, Crossover Breaks

Cha Cha Lesson 3, Turning the Side Basic


Cha Cha suggested Music.

Purchase Cha Cha Music from this song list to practice to.


Cha Cha Lesson 3, Turning the Side Basic

Cha Cha Lesson 4, Progressive Basic


Cha Cha Lesson 5, Transition from Side Basic to Progressive Basic


Cha Cha Lesson 6, Parallel Breaks

Cha Cha Lesson 7, Open Break, Undearm Turn

Lesson 8, Chase Turn