Bolero (dance)

Bolero is a soft Latin dance similar to American and International Rumba.
Speedwise the Bolero is the slowest of the 3.
Good Partner Bolero dance music should have a “Stretch” or “Sustain” in it.
Use the Music player to hear some samples of Quality Bolero dance music.

Bolero Steps:

Bolero Lesson 1, The Basic

Lesson 2, Underarm Pass

Lesson 3, Left Side Pass

Bolero Music from Amazon

Good Bolero music has a Stretch or Sustain in it that encourages the dancer to stretch the Slow Steps.
A good Bolero song for dancing is Como Han Pasado Los Años sung by Rocío Dúrcal

Lesson 4, Open Break, Underarm Turn

Lesson 5, Croosover Breaks and Underarm Turn

Lesson 6, Parallel Breaks

Lesson 7, Checked Wrap